holopy.vis package

Module contents

Visualize HoloPy objects

Uses Matplotlib and Mayavi to visualize holopy objects.

  1. Image, Volume, or Spheres object => plot or rendering

This module does not import plotting packages until they are actually needed so that holopy does not have a hard dependency on mayavi or matplotlib. Because of this you may see a small lag on your first plot.

holopy.vis.show module

A general show method that can display most holopy and scatterpy objects in a sensible way.

exception VisualizationNotImplemented(o)

Bases: Exception

show(o, color=(0.5, 0.5, 0.5))

Visualize a scatterer, hologram, or reconstruction

Parameters:o (Image, Volume or Spheres) – Object to visualize


Loads plotting library the first time it is required (so that we don’t have to import all of matplotlib or mayavi just to load holopy)


holopy.vis.vis2d module

New custom display functions for holograms and reconstructions.

class plotter(im, plane_axes, slice_axis, starting_index, t)

Bases: object

location(x, y)
pixel(x, y)
show2d(im, plane_axes=None, slice_axis=None, starting_index=0, t=0, phase=False)

Display a hologram or reconstruction

Allows scrolling through multidimensional holograms or reconstructions. Defaults to showing magnitude of complex images

  • im (ndarray) – Image to be shown
  • z0 (int) – slice along z dimension to show first.
  • t (int) – slice along time to show for reconstructions.
show_scatterer_slices(scatterer, spacing)

Show slices of a scatterer voxelation

scatterer : .Scatterer
scatterer to visualize
spacing : float or (float, float, float)
voxel spacing for the visualization

holopy.vis.vis3d module

Show sphere clusters using mayavi

show_scatterer(scatterer, spacing=None)
show_sphere_cluster(s, color)